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Click Vinyl Flooring

Glue Down Vinyl Flooring

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Krono Xonic Click Vinyl Flooring

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  1. 100% water-resistant
  2. It is a click floor that makes it easy and fast to install. Easy to repair as a floating floor is easy and quick to lift and repair. Warm underneath foot.
  3. Printing is done directly on the floor in HD making it hard to see the difference between vinyl and real wooden flooring.
  4. Very low pattern repeat. This makes it ideal for large commercial application. Up to 56 different panels. 
  5. Very stable with minimal expansion. Ideal for large areas without any expansion profiles between sections.
  6. German quality with the best UV-resistant rating of any flooring.
  7. Wear rating of AC6 making it the most hard wearing floor in South-Africa. Perfect for commercial application.

Krono Xonic is a floating click system vinyl floor. This makes it very comfortable underneath your feet as the impact is not as hard as tiles for instance and it is a bit warmer as well compared to tiles or glue down vinyl flooring.

The most important factor of vinyl flooring is that you need to make sure that your floor levels are 100% flat and smooth. Dips and bumps can cause problems with click systems. The rule is that over a 1,2m distance a dip or bump may not be more than 2mm on the lowest or highest point. Neglecting issues like this can result in your warranty being removed.
Tiled areas are not ideal to lay vinyl flooring over. The boards are only 5mm thick and very flexible. Unleveled tiled floors can cause click systems to pull apart. The most ideal way of dealing with this is to remove tiles and re-screed your floor. We offer a full removal and re-screed service. Please see page called “preparation”. Some types of tiled floors like porcelain or ceramic tiles can be leveled over the tiles with the right products but natural tiles like terracotta or natural stone tiles are not recommended. Bonding between tile surface and leveling cement is very poor and comes loose in most cases.



Como Glue Down Vinyl Flooring


  1. 100% water-resistant.
  2. Natural embossed surface with a 4 sided beveled edge to create a more authentic look wood floor.
  3. 0.55mm wear layer with limited commercial warranty.
  4. Extremely tough virgin plastic fiber re-enforced boards.

Como vinyl flooring is a glue down vinyl floor. Although it is a bit colder and harder underneath your feet, it is a very tough and durable floor. It is also one of the most stable with minimal movement.

Preparation of sub floors for glue down vinyl flooring is very, very important. Sub-floors need to be extremely flat and level. Any imperfection in your sub-floor will be visible threw the floor. Therefore any dips or bumps need to be fixed before the vinyl flooring gets installed.
Some tiled surfaces like porcelain or ceramic can be leveled over the tiles with the right products. It is however not recommended to do any leveling over terracotta or natural stone tiles as the leveling products do not bond with the surface of these tiles. In these cases the tiles must be removed and the floor must be re-screeded. We provide a full removal and re-screed service. See page called “preparation”.

Another important factor for glue down vinyl is that the sub-floor must be properly primed with the correct product. It is not recommended that vinyl gets glued down to cement surfaces without a proper primer. Skipping this part of the preparation can cause boards to come loose and lift from the sides. By following all the steps you will enjoy a perfect and durable floor for years to come.


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