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For a limited time we are offering our Kronopol Delta AC3 8mm laminate flooring range at R259.95 per m² excl. VAT (Labour to lay the floor, standard underlay). This promotion is only valid while stocks last. T’s and C’s apply.

Yes, laminate flooring is the more affordable alternative to bamboo or solid timber flooring, but by choosing the right floor you won’t easily see the difference and you will save a lot of money. It is very important to make an informed decision when you decide which floor to purchase. We prefer installing laminate flooring from Europe because they are much more UV resistant, but we do supply Chinese laminate flooring to clients as a more affordable option. The range we prefer to use is the Swiss Krono range. The brand we mostly install is Kronopol. Laminate flooring is available in 3 different grades. Obviously the higher the grade and the thicker the board, the more expensive it becomes.

  • Grade 31 AC3: Known as Residential grade. These floors are only recommended for low traffic areas such as homes.
  • Grade 32 AC4: Known as high-end Residential/Medium Commercial grade. Available in 8mm and 10mm it is recommended for residential, high traffic areas and commercial applications such as shops, offices and restaurants.
  • Grade 33 AC5: Known as heavy commercial grade. Available in 10mm and 12mm it can be used for almost all applications except bathrooms.

Laminate flooring is not waterproof (only water resistant) and is not recommended for bathrooms.

Please look below at our range of available colours.

Kronopol Delta AC3 8mm

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Platinium Excellence 8mm Grade 32

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Platinium Luna 8mm Grade 32

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Platinum Venus 8mm Grade 32

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Platinum Exclusive 8mm Grade 32

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Platinium Helio 10mm Grade 32

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Platinum Route Des Vins 10mm Grade 33

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